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Beyond Locks LLC

There are no rules, there are no answers, there are only degrees of difficulty.  

You want to do the best to protect yourself, your family and your property.  So go beyond what has been offered to you in the past

Go Beyond Locks and add degrees of difficulty.  Let's make it tough.

Let's make this tough

We have developed the Tough HOUSE

line of products to directly address

vulnerable areas in every home.

Installation is available to the seven-county Minneapolis/St. Paul area
    $149 for the first Tough Shield $60 for each additional
Call 218-461-1331 to arrange your install

Fits most garage doors

Can be installed multiple ways

Designed to be installed by the homeowner

$39.97 USD


The garage door; an entry that appears secure. The entry that you don't need to add extra protection. Right?  You already know the answer, I'm sure.

You have probably seen the amazing video showing how anyone can break into your garage or your house through your garage door in as little as six seconds.  You have probably seen other solutions to this problem.  The TOUGH SHIELD is different and the TOUGH SHIELD is better than other solution that has been offered before.

The TOUGH SHIELD creates a barricade.

Adding the TOUGH SHIELD to your garage adds a layer of protection to your garage that maintains all of the normal functions and safety that your opener is designed to have.

 Designed response

The problem