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Beyond Locks LLC

There are no rules, there are no answers, there are only degrees of difficulty.  

You want to do the best to protect yourself, your family and your property.  So go beyond what has been offered to you in the past

Go Beyond Locks and add degrees of difficulty.  Let's make it tough.


Let's make this tough

We have developed the Tough HOUSE

line of products to directly address

vulnerable areas in every home.

Color Options

$24.97 USD

Quickest way to add security

Adds structural strength

Additional option for uncommon doors


The problem

The SECURITY HOOK adds Strength to

Your Existing Hardware

This is the quickest way to add security to any door.  The SECURITY HOOK installs directly into the structural stud and reinforceses the strength of your knob, creating another layer of protection. The SECURITY HOOK relies on the structural protection that your home already contains and adds to the strength of your current hardware.

Create an entry with more than the common protection

The SECURITY HOOK is perfect for doors with dimensions that do not work with the SECURITY BAR product.  When not in use, the SECURITY HOOK hangs to the side of the interior knob.  It is designed to be quickly swung onto the knob immediately creating the tough protection you desire.